CloudBioLinux offers genome analysis resources for cloud computing platforms such as Amazon EC2. We develop freely available, community maintained software images and data repositories for biological analysis.


Many Bioinformatics workflows involve large datasets requiring high performance computing. Cloud computing provides researchers with the ability to perform computations using a practically unlimited pool of virtual machines, using platforms such as Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus or VirtualBox. CloudBioLinux utilizes these resources to enable instant access to biological software, programming libraries and data.

CloudBioLinux is a community project and we welcome contributors and feedback. A fully automated infrsatructure installs software and data, with packages specified in simple configuration files. Please fork our code on GitHub and suggest improvements and additions.

These resources are designed for biologists as well as programmers. With the help of the NEBC Bio-Linux development team, images include biological software and libraries available in local installations along with a FreeNX desktop environment designed to ease the transition to remote computational analysis.